Jeremy Harry Harris’ new album ‘Kings of Time’ now available

Jeremy Harry Harris’ new album ‘Kings of Time’ now available

Australia based hard rocker Jeremy Harry Harris released his album Kings of Time back on June 1, 2020.

Track List for Kings of Time:
01. Breathe
02. Sister
03. Kings of Time
04. See You See Me
05. Go & Fly
06. Get Back Up
07. Sold Me Out
08. Skeletons
09. Break Your Heart
10. Northern Lights
11. When Your Walls Come Down
12. Tomorrow Never Comes
13. Nothing Without You
14. Find My Way Home
Special Bonus Track:
15. Northern Lights (Extended Intro Version)

Harris‘ website indicates:

“Hi there. I’m Jeremy harry Harris. 

I wanted to say thank you personally because so often we as artists get caught up in the creative side of our work and forget that no matter what we think or feel about a song or album we’ve made, it all comes down to one thing and one thing only…. YOU! 

We are nothing without you and if you are reading this, it’s because you have decided to give me the special gift of your time which means the world to me! Thank you for taking the time and for giving me the opportunity to entertain you. 

I wish to acknowledge the support given freely to me by my family and close friends. No matter the challenges that came up, they were always there to provide words of encouragement, feedback, constructive criticism and sometimes just an ear to listen to my incoherent ramblings of frustration when all seemed lost to me. 

Throughout it all they remained steadfast and resolute that I could do it and this album would be finished. They provided me with something many overlook or take for granted…..unconditional faith in someone’s ability. I trust that I have not let them down and that the album adequately reflects the faith they invested in me. 

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude and respect to all those in the “industry” who have supported me in my challenge to finish the longest “making of an album” I have ever set about undertaking. 

Commencing in 2017/2018, this album is the result of countless hours of toil, unquantifiable collective efforts, blind faith and brutal stubbornness to succeed. 

From its humble beginnings as a crazy idea to this, the celebration of providing 14 tracks on 1 album, it has been a culmination of over 20 years’ work in the music industry. 

It is my honour to have been able to work alongside some of the finest musicians, producers, engineers, writers and graphic artists during that time and all have inlaid some imprint on me throughout my journey. 

This album is a collection of songs written by numerous people, all who have had at some point a guiding presence in my life. They have helped shape my lyrics and song writing. Given rise to wonderful variants of musical expression, challenged me to do better & allowed me to explore the unlimited realms of music in order to find myself and create without barriers or limitations. For this I am eternally grateful.  

I pay special homage to the members of Stone Circle in this album for without their influence and kinship this album would be a fraction of what it has become. There is no more fitting a title than “Kings Of Time” for that is what Stone Circle represents to me.

For over 7 years, I had the pleasure to write, record, tour and perform with Stone Circle. During this time many songs were written and recorded at live shows throughout the world but sadly never committed to a 3rd studio album. It is with the greatest respect to them and with the utmost privilege, that I have been able to bring these tracks to life on this very album. 

Enabling me to do this were some of the finest Cuban musicians I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with over the past 7 years. 

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the members of Mephisto and to their director Eddar Osney Cardoso, who were all instrumental (pardon the pun) in recording the music in various locations throughout the province of Holguin in Cuba. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  

I can’t wait to bring these songs to life on stage with you all very soon.

To you the listener, the music lover, the fan, the curious, the critic, the reviewer, the aspiring musician or song writer….. It is my sincerest hope that each time you listen to this album you will be transported to another time and space when all that matters in that very instant is the music before you. 

Consume it, enjoy it and savour it!

May there be many more songs to come!”

Jeremy Harry Harris‘ “Tomorrow Never Comes” song: