Jerry Cantrell Enjoying Road With Nickelback


Former Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is having a blast on the Jim Beam Road To The Rackhouse tour with Nickelback. Singer Chad Kroeger and crew asked to have labelmate Cantrell on the road. Cantrell told LAUNCH the bands are having a great time both onstage and off.

“They’re a great bunch of guys and we’ve been having a fantastic time out here on the road, doing fun things outside of playing,” he said. “It’s good. We’ve been gambling with them a lot. Playing dice with them. We’ve been f–king trading money back and forth every night. It’s kind of like 50-50, right down the middle. I took ’em the other day, but a couple of weeks back they snaked pretty good. We’re kind of, like, bouncing it back and forth.”

Cantrell has until the July 4 tour ender in Milwaukee to try and get even.

Darren Davis courtesy of Launch