Jerry Dixon states Warrant’s hit single “Cherry Pie” was an accident

Jerry Dixon states Warrant’s hit single “Cherry Pie” was an accident

Eon Music recently interviewed Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon and asked him if he was surprised that the song “Cherry Pie” still endures to this day. Dixon replied: “You know what? It surprises me on that particular song, because that song was such an accident. It was such an afterthought. It wasn’t even recorded on that record, really. It was like the label wanted one last kind of ‘We Will Rock You’ type song, and they were like; “Okay, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ is great, and we have ‘I Saw Red’, but we feel you guys just need one more, like an ’anthem”. So we had go back in the studio, set all the gear back up, and if you really listen to that song next to the entire record, it sounds different. I think we were a little bit pissed off – “Fuck, are you kidding me?” – and we really just went in and just slapped it down, like; “All right, here.” And then the next thing you know, it’s ‘Cherry Pie’ fair!”

In terms of the change in the musical landscape with the advent of grunge, Dixon advised: “It was like the greatest thing, and the worst thing. It’s so hard to go backwards; it’s easier to go up and be famous and successful. That was fun, and everything was working as it should be, we felt. We pretty much got blindsided by a whole musical change. I’m not going to lie; we were damaged, and in some ways it tore the band up. Out manager at the time died in the middle of all that, so after ‘Dog Eat Dog’ [1992], here we are; career over – that’s it. You struck out, and it just felt like the world completely collapsed on us. We called it the ‘black years’, man. It was horrible; it was dark and weird. We never in a million years saw it coming.”

With respect to whether he saw singer Jani Lane‘s death coming, Dixon stated: “Honestly, it was horrible. The whole thing still gives me a stomach ache. I try to tell people it’s not about Warrant; we’re just people. We’re no different to anybody else, and to have a family member suffering like that – and there’s loads of people that are going to read this, and they’ll know what I’m talking about – and it’s a hopeless feeling, because you want to help, and you want to get somebody better, and you want all bad stuff aside; “Dude, just function in life, and get through this, and basically don’t kill yourself!”. We brought sober coaches out and set up AA meetings and took all the fun stuff off the rider – all the alcohol and really tied to create an environment that was conducive to somebody’s being sober.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Dixon at Eon Music.

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