Jet And Iggy Pop Out O’Keefe Classic


June 29, 2008

Iggy Pop and Jet have recorded a cover of Johnny O’Keefe’s Oz Rock Classic ‘The Wild One’ for a tribute album.

Jet flew to Miami to record the cover earlier this year at Hit Factory Studios.

“My introduction to Johnny O’Keefe came through Iggy Pop covering this song,” Jet’s Nic Cester said in a statement. “Although I don’t think we have been directly influenced by Johnny O’Keefe, the ripples that he created are enormous. If the only thing that comes of this is just alerting other Australians that this existed, that’s a good thing”.

It did not go unnoticed that ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’, Jet’s signature tune many years later, would carry an unmistakable influence of the Iggy Pop sound. The mirrored Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’.

Pop also had a major worldwide hit with one of O’Keefe’s songs, ‘Real Wild Child’ in 1986, but the coincidences don’t stop there. The former bass player for The Shadows also had a hit with the song. His name was Jet Harris.

The Iggy Pop and Jet collaboration will be released on July 19. ‘The Wild One’ album will be released on August 23rd.

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