Jet Red Returning With CD/DVD Package


February 23, 2009

Massive news in this week and what a great way to start the new year, with another big coup for Suncity Records ( with the signing of the awesome American hard rock band, Jet Red.

Jet Red Returning With CD/DVD Package

As time has gone on, Suncity Records has grown in stature, allowing us to attract bigger and better acts. It’s been about 2-3 years of on and off negotiations with the Jet Red boys and finally we have got them digging through the old studios, where these tracks were originally recorded. We stuck in there and we wound up hunting down the original masters and let me tell ya, they sound amazing!!

Most rockers will know Jet Red for their self-titled debut album released on Relativity/Sony Records in 1989. The debut offered some catchy and tasty tunes, but paper-thin production values prevented the band from major success. So, like any proud band when backed into a corner and up against a wall, Jet Red rebounded and came out swinging with their very own, self-produced second album titled Flight Plan. In the time between albums, Jet Red’s brand of AOR/Hard Rock became quite unfashionable and therefore Relativity/Sony dropped the band resulting in Flight Plan being shelved for all this time.

Until this year, loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting a release date for the infamous second album, and I’m here to tell you – that 2009 is the year!! Recorded in 1991, the results of what Jet Red came up with in round two was quite jaw dropping!! It is no surprise at how talented Jet Red are in terms of song writing ability, but what really will knock owners of the debut out is the stellar production on the second album! It’s quite evident that the boys really grew as a group in between albums and developed into an amazingly tight professional unit. One other thing that really stands out for me, is the newly improved guitar solos courtesy of Mr. Johnny Feikert – WOW!!

When listing to Flight Plan, the first thing that comes to mind is Winger’s classic Heart Of The Young album. So if you dug Heart Of The Young, I have no doubt that Flight Plan will be a big hit in your CD collection. Flight Plan is a perfect fusion of guitar driven Hard Rock with just the right amount of Keyboards so that the music is still very rockin’!

A little known fact about Jet Red is that in the mid/late 80’s when the boys were starting out, their original axe man was the GREAT Marty Friedman who went on to record with many great bands, but most notably became apart of the legendary Megadeth. Jet Red recorded a bunch of tunes back in the day with Marty before Dave Mustane poached him and they will be featured on Flight Plan as bonus tracks.

Flight Plan will include the full 11 tracks that were to be the second album plus 3 bonus tracks that Marty did with the band right at the start PLUS this package will include a bonus DVD of a killer live show that the boys did in San Jose in the early 90’s. All that for the same price of US$18.00!!

Here is your chance to get a sneak peek of what Flight Plan is all about, featured here is the stunning track “I Surrender” taken from the soon be released Flight Plan. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Jet Red – I Surrender song sample

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