Jetboy Looking For New Members


November 16, 2009

Jetboy Looking For New MembersJetboy is vigorously searching for a new bass player and percussionist to replace the recently departed Michael Butler and Doug Hovan. The band has no intention of taking these departures lightly, and is totally focused on the task at hand which is moving ahead in a professional manner.

Jetboy has contractual obligations in place that the band is prepared to honor, not to mention the obligation the band feels to their very loyal fan base. “We have a new record for release in January of 2010, and just met with iTunes this past week, to map out strategies in conjunction with Jetboy’s record company for our new EP” says Billy Rowe. “This Band has faced a myriad of uncontrollable variables and the fans know this, as they also know that this is just an insignificant blip on Jetboy’s radar”. “Our fans have already indicated their loyalty to the band through many positive blogs and personal e-mails, the same loyalty they’ve displayed throughout our career” writes Fernando Rodriguez. “As the old adage goes, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”, and in the end our fan base will be rewarded for their patience”.

Additional information on Jetboy can be found on the band’s website, as well as their myspace page at:

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