Jetboy Parts Ways With Singer Mickey Finn And Announce Replacement

Jetboy Parts Ways With Singer Mickey Finn And Announce Replacement

November 12, 2010

Founding members of JETBOY issue the following statement regarding the departure of their original vocalist, Mickey Finn, and their future plans:

“Parting ways with a family member is never easy, and believe us, it was a bitterpill to swallow.

“When Mickey made his plans known that he would not be participating in the European tour or the future of JETBOY, the rest of the band were forced into action. As a group, JETBOY did not want to let fans down and back out of their first European tour. That being said, we immediately began the search.

“We are incredibly happy to have someone as professional as D.K Revelle to step in on a months notice and front the European tour.

“D.K. Revelle has a long pedigree, having worked coast to coast honing his craft. Most recently, D.K. fronted the band BEGGARS BALL in Hollywood, California (2005-2008) recording two albums. D.K. was also the vocalist in the New York-based act FEELS LIKE FICTION, under the management of the famous Bill Aucoin (KISS, BILLY IDOL).

“D.K. Revelle is the consummate front man, bringing not only professionalism and talent to the table, but a filthy-dirty rock and roll style that JETBOY fans have come to expect from the band.

“From the moment we began to jam, the chemistry was undeniable. When something works, it’s effortless and it just makes sense.

“We’re excited to bring JETBOY to our European fans for the first time in the band’s history, and to tell you the truth, you are getting us at what feels like the best moment in JETBOY’s storied career. This band is primed and ready to bring rock and roll from the gutters of California to the other side of the pond.

Time to turn it up and play some rock n roll in Europe, JETBOY style !

JETBOY performing with “DK” Revelle can be viewed below.

JETBOY is excited to announce the bands first ever European tour to supportboth the worldwide release of ‘NOW AND THEN’ (The Collection), as well as theEuropean re-release of ‘DAMNED NATION’.

The re-release of ‘DAMED NATION’ comes 20 years after the CD debuted tocritical acclaim in 1990. The re-release comes with bonus tracks and a 16 pagebooklet that includes lyrics and rare photos of the band from that era. The diskwas released on October 20th, and will be available throughout Europe and viathe internet on BAD REPUTATION RECORDS —

The re-release of ‘DAMNED NATION’ comes fresh on the heels of their ‘NOWAND THEN’ release which includes a collection of songs from 1986-2010available on DEMON DOLL RECORDS which was released October 31 at

JETBOY’s European tour will begin on November 11th view tour dates at

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