Jetboy release video for “Brokenhearted Daydream”

Jetboy release video for “Brokenhearted Daydream”

American rockers Jetboy consisting of Mickey Finn (lead vocals, harmonica), Fernie Rod (rhythm and lead guitar, vocals),  Billy Rowe (rhythm and slide guitar, vocals), Eric Stacy (bass) and Al Serrato (drums) have released a video for their song “Brokenhearted Daydream” from their new studio album Born To Fly, which was released today via Frontiers Music Srl.

Track List for Born To Fly:
01. Beating The Odds
02. Born To Fly
03. Old Dog, New Tricks
04. The Way That You Move Me
05. Brokenhearted Daydream
06. Inspiration From Desperation
07. All Over Again
08. She
09. A Little Bit Easy
10. Every Time I Go
11. Smoky Ebony
12. Party Time!

Rowe was recently interviewed by The Rockpit and stated as follows about how Jetboy‘s new album Born To Fly came together: “It was a combination of how we used to write in the old days versus and using technology to cope with working with people living in different places Mick (Mickey Finn) lives in Hawaii, Fern (Fernie Rodd) and I in San Francisco, but we were able to get together. I did some recording on my own just for my own pleasure but we were able to put together all the songs and demo them at my place and then Mick would come out and do the vocals. We demoed every part of this record to the backing vocals and the harmonies. So the writing process was almost the same but we were able to deliver Mick complete songs musically, all arranged and even with the drum parts written and he would write away and maybe we cut a verse here and get to the chorus sooner here, but other than that every song that demoed only had a few changes here and there.”

Jetboy‘s “Brokenhearted Daydream” video:

Jetboy – “Brokenhearted Daydream” (Official Music Video) #RockAintDead

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