Jetboy To Offer Their Music To Fans For Free


October 11, 2008

Legendary Glam-Punk rockers Jetboy are pleased to announce that the band has formed a strategic alliance with trueAnthem ( in an effort to shift the paradigm of music distribution. The new format offered by trueAnthem allows for totally free access to artists music for download, thus decriminalizing the practice of file sharing.

“We make our music for the fans, that’s the bottom-line” says Billy Rowe, Jetboy guitarist. “Jetboy has been searching for a way to introduce people to our music in a cost effective way, and with trueAnthem, we’ve found the perfect vehicle”.

trueAnthem couples corporate sponsors with musical acts in an effort to bring the downloads to fans at no charge. Ten Jetboy songs, including hits like Feel the Shake, Evil, and Stomp it Down to the Bricks appear on the trueAnthem website courtesy of Orange County Choppers.

Based in San Francisco, Calif., trueAnthem is a unique, advertising supported, online music distribution, promotion and marketing company. As a music label for the modern ages, trueAnthem provides online and offline services to promote independent and undiscovered talent. The company’s success strategy leverages the viral nature of information distribution on the Internet to become a leader in the new world of music.

The members of Jetboy believe that a new distribution model is necessary for the music business as we know it to survive. “trueAnthem provides the perfect vehicle for bringing the music to our fans. History tells us that when people like what they hear, they’ll look for avenues to purchase the full albums, and better yet, come to see us play live” said Rowe. “It’s time for this industry to get back to what music is all about, making listeners feel good”.

Jetboy is preparing to play the Viper Room in Hollywood, California on October 16 with Gilby Clarke and Black Cherry. Visit the bands website at for additional information on upcoming shows.

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