Jettblack Get Ready To Release ‘Disguises’ Album In April

Jettblack Get Ready To Release ‘Disguises’ Album In April

February 25, 2015

Jettblack have announced April 6th as the release date for their upcoming studio album ‘Disguises’.

In November of last year Jettblack launched a crowdsourcing campaign in order to raise the funds needed to complete ‘Disguises’. The UK band quickly reached their target goal and have now completed the album, which will be released through Hear No Evil/Cherry Red Records.

Unveiling the album’s first single “Explode”, vocalist/guitarist Will Stapleton said, “Jettblack has always done things their own way. There has never been a conscious effort to write in a certain style or pander to a certain trend or fashion. We’ve always had this attitude as we feel it is the only way to write something that will stand the test of time. This new album ‘Disguises’ is a full on reflection of that. It’s about never hiding behind something you aren’t. It may feel a little more serious and mature, but I think sometimes people forget we’ve been on a musical journey for 17 years as musicians, so we’re always evolving. Don’t worry though, it’s still full of huge choruses, massive riffs and and in your face production and we’re all really proud of the evolution!”

Formed in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in 2007, and drawing inspiration from an era when rock bands had ‘entertaining an audience’ high on their list of things to do, Jettblack unleash incredibly well-crafted and hook laden, powerful melodic rock and roll.

With two Sleaze Roxx charting albums under their belts, ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ (2010) and ‘Raining Rock’ (2012), plus the mini-album ‘Black Gold’ (2013), this four-strong outfit have continued to hone and polish their skills delivering stunning material that has built them a solid and growing fan base as well as a list of high profile admirers and collaborators. Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Udo Dirkschneider (Accept) and Damon Johnson (Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper) have all featured on Jettblack releases, sold on the quality and delivery of their songs.

‘Disguises’ track listing:
01. Slaves
02. Explode
03. Poison Rain
04. Evidence
05. Disguises
06. Broken Bones
07. Black And White
08. Kick In The Teeth
09. Enemy
10. Human
11. Smoke And Mirrors

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