Jim Crean releases single “Scream Taker” for streaming

Jim Crean releases single “Scream Taker” for streaming

2019 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inductee Jim Crean has released the single “Scream Taker” for streaming from his latest solo album The London Fog.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of The London Fog: “… I had already heard the album quite a few times but found myself losing interest each time as the album progressed after the first few songs. Would a little time off between listens of the record make a difference? Apparently not but I can now explain why I feel that the album tails off considerably after the first few songs. It’s actually after the first five songs, which were all written by Crean. In fact, the first six out of seven songs (except for “Let It Go”) are very good.

The London Fog starts off with the excellent “Scream Taker” which must have been on a prior Jim Crean solo album since the track is listed on his Greatest Hitsrelease from 2018. When I first heard the song, I thought that it sounded a lot like Ronnie James Dio with the classic mid-tempo power vocal delivery and the lyrics talking about dragons and what not. Eventually, I realized that “Scream Taker” must be Crean‘s tribute to the deceased Ronnie James Dio since the lyrics contain many song names from Dio‘s song repertoire including “Holy Diver”, “Kill The King” and “Stand Up And Shout.””

Jim Crean‘s “Scream Taker” single:

Jim Crean “Scream Taker”

Jim Crean “Scream Tacker”Written by Jim CreanAppears on the Album Jim Crean “The London Fog”2019 Visionary Noise RecordsJim Crean~Lead & Backing VocalsSteph …