Jim Crean unveils lyric video for cover of Anthrax’s track “Medusa”

Jim Crean unveils lyric video for cover of Anthrax’s track “Medusa”

Hair Nation lead vocalist Jim Crean has released a lyric video for his cover of Anthrax‘s track “Medusa.” Crean‘s version of the song will be appearing on his upcoming album The Book of Criptids.

Anthrax‘s song “Medusa” was on their album Spreading The Disease released back in 1985.

Wikipedia indicates the following (with slight edits) with respect to the reception for Spreading The Disease:

Spreading The Disease was released on October 30, 1985 and received widespread acclaim by music critics. In a contemporary review, Howard Johnson of the British magazine Kerrang! recommended the album as the best example of thrash metal around and equaled Anthrax to Metallica in the craft of writing great songs.

Modern reviews are also very positive. AllMusic‘s Steve Huey said the album was a great leap forward from its predecessor and one of Anthrax finest. He praised the lyrics for paying tribute to fictional characters as in “Lone Justice” and “Medusa”. Canadian journalist Martin Popoff calls the album “a shocking blast of noise from a long-haired bunch of punks that knew their own business”, praising the “deceptively chaotic songcraft” and Belladonna‘s vocals. Also Sputnikmusic‘s Mike Stagno liked Belladonna‘s vocals, as well as the tight riffs of guitarists Ian and Spitz. Stagno said Spreading The Disease had excellent sound and production and recommended the album for fans of thrash metal. Frank Trojan of Rock Hard wrote that Spreading The Disease had more potential and intelligence than Fistful of Metal, as well as more differentiated songs. British author Joel McIver described Spreading The Disease as ” the sound of pure determination, at a point in metal history where boundaries were being pushed every day.”

Jim Crean‘s “Medusa” lyric video: