Jizzy Pearl unveils new book ‘All The Devils’

Jizzy Pearl unveils new book ‘All The Devils’

Quiet Riot frontman Jizzy Pearl has unveiled a new book titled All The Devils, which is his first new one in 15 years. The singer previously released the books, I Got More Crickets Than Friends, Angst For The Memories and Unhappy Endings.

Pearl‘s website indicates:

ALL THE DEVILS” is Jizzy’s first new book in 15 years! Are we going to see a ‘Kinder Gentler’ Jizzo in 2022? No Way! This book picks up where the others left off, Its Rock ‘n’ Roll Excess and true Sunset Strip stories by someone who lived it and Loved it! Also hard-hitting graphic fiction in true Jizzo fashion, short stories and dark Humor almost 300 pages! ALL THE DEVILS is a true masterpiece and a welcome addition to any Rock Fan’s Bookshelf—Check it out!

Limited Edition – Only 385 Available

Personally Signed and Numbered by Jizzy

$22.00 USD plus Postage”

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in late June 2021, Pearl spoke about how he got started writing books. He indicated: “Well, I’ve written three books and the first one was, ‘I Got More Crickets Than Friends’, which was released about a month ago. I guess I’ve always sort of been a writer. I’ve been a songwriter. I’ve always sort of written but when the internet came out and started to get real in 1998-99-ish, people started to do blogs. You know what I mean? That’s kind of how I started by putting it on the internet. So I amassed enough stories and someone suggested I write a book. I said, “Well, am I good enough?” So I just thought, “Well, fuck it! I’ll just do it!” I did it and now I’m on my fourth book already.”

In terms of where people can purchase his books, Pearl stated: “The books can be found at jizzypearl.net. That’s my website. They can look them up and they can get them. There’s three of them available right now. Yeah, people are buying them. I’ve had the store open for a couple of days. If you put them all together, it’s a fucking trilogy. So yeah, the store’s open and people are buying them. It’s great. I am happy that to get people to read again and turn off Netflix for a little bit. You sound like a real reader. That’s what I dig about reading. You can go somewhere else in a book. You can be transported to a place and it takes your mind off shit like car payments, screaming kids and life — the oppressive things about life. You can just go somewhere else for a half hour or an hour. That’s what I love about reading you know. That’s why I dig being a writer.”