Jocke Berg states Hardcore Superstar have moved back to traditional band sound with new album

Jocke Berg states Hardcore Superstar have moved back to traditional band sound with new album

Hardcore Superstar lead vocalist Jocke Berg was recently interviewed by Sarah Sykes for Amnplify and spoke about the sleaze rockers’ new album You Can’t Kill My Rock And Roll, which will be released on September 21, 2018.

Sykes mentioned that there was a lot of variety on Hardcore Superstar‘s last album (HCSS released back in 2015) including the song “Touch The Sky” which was pretty different. Sykes asked what Hardcore Superstar aimed to do on You Can’t Kill My Rock And Roll and whether there were any surprises. Berg replied: “No, not this time. This time we went back to the, if you can say the “Hardcore Superstar” sound, more like if you take Split Your Lip – that place in our career. When we released that album with Touch the Sky, we got a lot of people with issues. 50% were like ‘oh okay, we love it!’, but the other 50% were like ‘what the fuck are you doing now?’, so it was two camps of fans liking it and not liking, but we had to do that album. We love the songs, and we had to do that record to get it out of our system. But on this new album You Can’t Kill My Rock and Roll, we’ve moved back to the traditional Hardcore Superstar sound.”

When Sykes advised that this news would make a lot of people happy, Berg replied: “Yeah – maybe this time people won’t hate us!”

In terms of what were the influences for Hardcore Superstar on the new upcoming studio album, Berg advised: “I think on this album – it was the same thing as when we wrote our self-titled album, Hardcore Superstar back in 2005-2006, we didn’t have influences this time. We just wrote songs that came out. These songs came out naturally. I think we write songs the best, when we just sit down and write songs. When the band is feeling ‘this is awesome’, and we’re loving it, then the people will love it, because they see that when we play them. This time we just wrote good songs. I think me and Martin wrote 25 songs together, and Adde, who’s the energy bunny, he wrote like 50 songs. And Vic as well – so we did a lot of song-writing!”

You can read the rest of the interview with Jocke Berg at Amnplify.

After reaching the #4 spot on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums year end list in 2009 (with Beg For It), 2010 (with Split Your Lip) and 2013 (with C’mon Take On Me), Hardcore Superstar‘s last studio album HCSS dropped to #12 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2015.

Sleaze Roxx stated in that regard: “Swedish sleaze veterans, Hardcore Superstar, have never been afraid to change their sound over the years and once again, the sleaze rockers have come up with a somewhat different album in HCSS by combining melodic metal with a modern pop twist. Gone are the heavier sounds from the past few albums. Whatever the case, Hardcore Superstar are mainstays on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ top albums of the year although HCSS is the group’s lowest finish on the readers’ year end list since C’Mon Take On Me (2013), Slit Your Lip (2010) and Beg For It (2009) all finished at the number four position while Dreamin’ In A Casket (2007) finished sixth. Will Hardcore Superstar go back to a heavier sleazier sound on their next album? Only time will tell.”

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