Joe Elliott admits Def Leppard band members are not the best musicians on the planet

Joe Elliott admits Def Leppard band members are not the best musicians on the planet

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Team Rock and adopted a humble stance on his own contributions and where each Def Leppard band member ‘s musical capabilities.

joe-elliott-photoElliott was asked what he can do that nobody else can do to which he responded, “Fuck up on a regular basis and get away with it? Nothing. Whatever I’ve done, anybody could have done. And I think that’s the beauty of Def Leppard: everybody in this band is very capable, but I wouldn’t say we’re the best musicians on the planet. But as a team, it’s a pretty unbeatable machine.”

Elliott also candidly spoke about the best drug that he has ever taken: “I did an E once with Ricky Warwick [Black Star Riders]. I’d never done it. We were stood on a dancefloor in Dublin, waiting for it to kick in, and what seemed like twenty minutes later I said: “I don’t feel anything… she’s good-looking, beautiful women here… still don’t feel anything though. What time is it?” “Five-thirty in the morning.” We took it at, like, 9.30pm! Eight hours in the same place, just looking at these girls, going: “Ooh she’s good-looking, isn’t she?” So that was fun.”

You can read the rest of the interview at Team Rock.

Def Leppard‘s last studio album finished #1 in the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2015. Sleaze Roxx stated in that regard: “Def Leppard‘s new self-titled album will most likely never sell even two tenths of the copies that Pyromania or Hysteria sold back in the ’80s but there is no doubt that the British rockers’ newest album resonated strongly with Sleaze Roxx readers to take the top spot on the Readers’ Top 20 Albums for 2015. I had received a small hint that this might occur earlier in the year but didn’t think anything of it when Sleaze Roxx’s review of the Def Leppard album received the most views out of any Sleaze Roxx album review in the latter half of the year. While a lot of the reviews for Def Leppard have been mixed including the one from Sleaze Roxx, there was certainly enough good to great songs for the album to nudge ahead and claim the coveted top spot for the year. The Sleaze Roxx readers have spoken — enough said!”

Def Leppard‘s “Man Enough” video:

DEF LEPPARD “Man Enough” (official video)

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