Joe Lynn Turner Enraged Over Illegally Released Demos

Joe Lynn Turner Enraged Over Illegally Released Demos

August 1, 2011

Joe Lynn Turner Enraged Over Illegally Released DemosFormer Deep Purple and Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner is outraged over the illegal release of some of his unfinished demos.

In an open letter to the fans and media Turner states, “I am aware of a compilation of unfinished demo songs that was published on the Internet by an individual named Scott Rolaf. These demos were recorded in my studio about two years ago. While there was discussion of releasing some of them as part of an album for a special project, I was not happy with the way the collaboration was progressing on all levels… artistically, musically and in how it was prematurely presented online. This is why I stopped having contact with Scott Rolaf. We were at odds, however, he continued to pretend on the social media sites that we were still friends and that this project was moving forward. This was an outright lie.

I never had confirmed plans for this album to be released but Rolaf took it upon himself to publish a website and other social media sites (i.e. Reverbnation, etc.) without getting prior approval from me. This misled my fans, members of my street team and several reputable media outlets. I have since severed my professional and personal relationship with Scott Rolaf permanently.

Scott Rolaf’s recent posting of these demos for free download in the form of an ‘album’ is unethical. I have taken legal action to protect my artistic/intellectual property and reputation. On July 21, 2011, Rolaf was served a Cease and Desist by my lawyers. Sometime around July 29, 2011, he had the audacity to post free files of these demos along with a ‘new’ press release which he wrote. These actions are, in my opinion, nothing more than an attempt by Scott Rolaf to gain fame on my name!

I admit that I made the mistake of trusting Rolaf with some unfinished songwriting demos… simple ideas, incomplete performances, music, vocals, production, etc. He betrayed that trust by releasing these songs without legal or personal confirmation. This is an unscrupulous, immoral act, and, by the laws that protect artistic/intellectual property, it is criminal!

It is individuals who take actions, like Rolaf did, who hurt and destroy the hopes and chances ofthousands of honest and talented artists who want and need a helping hand to climb the ladder of success! This action is a pathetic example to the true creative people who love to write and perform music. What a stain on the heart of honest art!

My loyal friends and fans know of the high quality of work I have delivered throughout my career. To think that Scott Rolaf, to whom I extended my hand in friendship as well as professional trust, has betrayed me by releasing unfinished/unapproved works, is an outrage! My only hope is that you can understand this situation and realize that this is a sad event that can happen to anybody… anywhere… regardless of position and status. Don’t let it happen to you.”

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