Joe Lynn Turner Featured In ‘Street Of Dreams’ Documentary

Joe Lynn Turner Featured In ‘Street Of Dreams’ Documentary

November 17, 2012

‘Street Of Dreams’, a documentary currently in production, follows Jan Erling through the beautiful landscape of Norway as he gets his first real chance of a major breakthrough as a musician on tour with his favorite vocalist of all time — Joe Lynn Turner. The film gets up close and personal as we experience his ups and downs on his journey. Will his dream of becoming a rockstar come true, does he have to go back to his former job and an anonymous life in his wooden house by the fjord?

‘Street Of Dreams’ — directed by Havard Gosse Bergseth and produced by Christian Falch — is a universal story of never giving up, seizing the day and following your heart. The documentary gives the viewer a feel-good sensation as it follows the main character, Jan Erling, at home, in the studio, the kindergarden, skiing in the mountains and of course on tour. But will Jan Erling ever become a rockstar? This is not only a film for the fans of Joe Lynn Turner, but for every preson that ever had a dream about wanting more out of life than the A4-existence.

Just hearing the name Joe Lynn Turner is enough to send shivers down the spine for any fan of classic rock. Turner has put down vocal tracks on albums with legendary artists like Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngvie Malmsteen amongst many others. His latest contribution to the world of rock is a little bit different.

In March 2011, the album ‘Sense of Time’ was released. The man behind the album is the anonymous Norwegian Jan Erling Holberg. Allthough educated at LIPA, bass player Jan Erling never made his way into the world of the stars. Meanwhile, he has been living a normal family life with wife and kids in a small community in Norway. He had everything a man could ever want. House, boat, stable job and a beautiful family. Despite of this, Jan Erling got depressed. His 30 year old ambition of becoming a professional musician seemed to fade away into a suburban dream. Jan Erling decided to do something about it before it was too late. Recording demos at night resulted in a handful of tracks that raised the attention of his childhood hero Joe Lynn Turner. Jan Erling quit his job, raised the money on his own and a year later he was closer than ever before to fulfilling his dream.

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