Joe Perry Says Steven Tyler Still A Part Of Aerosmith

Joe Perry Says Steven Tyler Still A Part Of Aerosmith

February 7, 2010

Joe Perry Says Steven Tyler Still A Part Of AerosmithThe war of words between Aerosmith stars Joe Perry and Steven Tyler appears to be over – the guitarist insists the singer is still very much a part of the rock band.

Tyler announced a surprise two-year hiatus from the group last year without informing his bandmates, prompting Perry to tell fans he would be looking for a singer to take the frontman’s place.

The Jaded singer has since checked into rehab to take control of a painkiller problem, suggesting his time off may have been necessary, and Perry is now insisting he never meant to imply that Tyler was no longer a part of Aerosmith.

He tells Britain’s Classic Rock magazine, “Steven hasn’t quit the band, nor have we sacked him. We’re taking the attitude that he’s going on a vacation from Aerosmith. While he’s away working on other projects, the rest of us want to carry on playing live. So we will bring another singer to make this happen.

“We’re not daft enough to think we can replace Steven, and that’s not our plan. But, after 40 years of working together, we just don’t wanna stop. How long with Steven be away? He says it’ll be two years, but I believe he’ll be back a lot sooner. It may end up that we only do 10 shows with the new person!”

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