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April 14, 2008, the affiliate company of premier music education company, National Guitar Workshop, announced today that the first video lessons are in the “can” from their San Francisco studio recording sessions this week with guitar virtuoso, Joe “Satch” Satriani. The icon has decided to join in its mission to deliver a new kind of music education using cutting-edge online technology and award-winning curriculum at a time when the industry needs it the most.

“This is a great new way for artists to reach out to their fans”, says Satriani. “I’ll be using this as a way to respond to the many questions I’m asked by my audiences. I’ll be giving lessons but also sharing with fans how I write my songs, what’s important to me – content they won’t have access to anywhere else.”

When asked how he felt about Mr. Satriani agreeing to create educational opportunities with, Dave Smolover, CEO of said “Few artists have the relationship with their fans that Joe Satriani does. We’ve been very fortunate to work with Joe at our National Guitar Workshops in the past so to be able to get even closer to his music, connect more fans to his artistry and go global with it is a real thrill.”

What sets apart from the many other sites offering video guitar lessons is the company’s cutting-edge, award-winning Internet learning platform. The team will now work closely with Mr. Satriani to transcribe his lessons prepare them for delivery in this exciting format, which includes an animated fretboard, printable chord charts, accurate and artist-approved animated tabs, a looping tool, left-handed views and much more.

About Joe Satriani
Joe Satriani is one of the most technically accomplished and widely respected guitarists to emerge in recent times. His list of illustrious students includes Steve Vai, David Bryson (Counting Crows), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Larry LaLonde (Primus) and Charlie Hunter. He’s played alongside a virtual who’s who of music luminaries including Deep Purple, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Brian May, and Robert Fripp, and was handpicked by Mick Jagger to accompany him on a tour of Australia and Japan.

Satriani launched a successful solo career in the 80’s with critically acclaimed albums Surfing With the Alien, Not of This Earth and Flying in a Blue Dream. The ’90s began with Satriani creating his own line of guitars for the Ibanez Company and continuing on his successful solo efforts with more album releases, including The Extremist, Time Machine, Live in San Francisco and Engines of Creation. Over Joe’s 20-plus year career he has sold over 10 million albums, received 13 Grammy nominations, and most recently has released one of his most exciting and unique albums, Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock. In 1996, he formed G3, a concert tour featuring three instrumental rock guitarists. The G3 tours have performed in the North America, Europe, South and Central America, Australia and Asia and have released three platinum concert DVDs. In 2006, Joe partnered with Peavey Electronics on the design of the JSX amplifier and speaker cabinet, and in 2008 Joe announced his first signature pedal with Vox.

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