Joel Hoekstra and Ethan Brosh to play on Michael Sweet’s new solo album

Joel Hoekstra and Ethan Brosh to play on Michael Sweet’s new solo album

Michael Sweet photoCurrent Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra (who has alas played with Night Ranger and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and guitarist virtuoso Ethan Brosh will both be contributing guitar solos on the new solo album from Stryper‘s frontman Michael Sweet.

Sweet provided the following update on his Facebook account earlier today:

“Update on solo album:
My original idea was to record all guitars myself. I tracked all the rhythms and overdubs and started working on solos and I came to the realization that I wanted to incorporate some different sounds/ideas on this new solo album. I’m playing some of the guitar solos for sure but I also brought in two incredible players to handle some solos as well: Ethan Brosh & Joel Hoekstra – you won’t be disappointed! The album is sounding killer!!!!!!! We’re tracking drums now (with Will Hunt) and I’m so pumped that I want to share it all with you now! I don’t think the label (Rat Pak Records) would be too thrilled about that:-) This album is blessed beyond belief and I’m counting the days when I can share it with the world. It’s coming soon so get ready………..”

Sweet‘s last solo album dates back to 2014 when I’m Not Your Suicide was released in May 2014.

Michael Sweet – “I’m Not Your Suicide” (Official Video)

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