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July 3, 2008

Joey Allen tour diary

June 22nd, 2008
Montreal, Quebec

Oh Canada! Montreal and Toronto to be exact. Our weekend up in Canada started with a flight from LAX to Montreal for the Heavy MTL festival on Sunday June 22nd. We played a seriously heavy bill with bands like Shadows Fall, our brothers Drowning Pool also Disturbed, Voivod and 80’s rockers Motley. Our set consisted of 110% live slightly heavier material for 45 minutes but the crowd managed to get Lane to play Heaven and they sang along, fricking amazing!

Our friend Redge made sure that we were dialed on gear since it was a fly date, thanks Redge! We also took along a few new crew guys Michael Droke/FOH who was on a break from Diana Ross, Shuu/backline tech who was on loan from the Nickleback boys and our beloved Cubby to watch after Steven.

Montreal is a beautiful city, the people are nice and there are some Warrant fans up there. I thought we were going to get piss bottles throw at us since it was such a heavy bill but the metal crowd in Montreal has much respect and deserves a big “THANK YOU” for making us feel so welcome! We will be back soon! Onto Toronto, a small 5.5 hour drive west.

June 23rd, 2008
Toronto, Ontario

Another cool city and dare I say it, the home of Rush! Holy shite it is my 44th birthday today and I’m on a sober tour, what is wrong with me. ha, ha, ha! Erik and I start the day walking down to a local breakfast restaurant and had a nice talk about the summer run that is shaping up after the cancelation of the Cinderella tour (get well soon Tom).

We have a 5pm sound check and roll into the Phoenix Theater to go over a few songs we haven’t played in a while. The set list has changed about one million times in the last few months so we can literally play almost the entire first three CDs at the drop of a hat.

It is a Monday night in Toronto, good crowd and the band was sounding tight. No big birthday celebration, nothing but just good times with cool people. We would like to give a thank you to Canada for two great shows. We should do a full tour of Canada next year at some point. We will see all you freaks on the road this summer. Keep your eyes on www.myspace/warrant for current tour dates.

7.05.08 Sunset Station Hotel & Casino
7.12.08 Rocklahoma
8.16.08 Hawgfest
8.17.08 Fortune Bay Casino with Alice Cooper
8.30.08 American Music Festival
8.31.08 Rock the Bayou

More dates Coming soon!

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