Joey Belladonna Rejoins Anthrax

Joey Belladonna Rejoins Anthrax

May 10, 2010

Rocker Joey Belladonna has reunited with his old Anthrax bandmates for the heavy metal group’s upcoming summer tour.

The frontman will reteam with Charlie Benante, bassist Frank Bello, Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano for a series of Big Four dates with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth at Europe’s touring Sonisphere festivals.

Belladonna, who was the band’s frontman from 1985 to 1992, says, “I had been in touch with Charlie and Frank, then I got a call from their manager who said that everyone wanted me back in the band. I thought, ‘Are you guys for real? You want me up there, fronting the band like it was before?’ I was thrilled.

“We’ve already started to reconnect with the old ways of having conversations. Everything is easy going and feels really good.”

Guitarist Ian tells, “I am super-excited about this. Joey and the rest of the band came to see me play at a club in New York – I hadn’t seen Joey for years, since the end of the reunion tour. Joey taps me on the shoulder, instant big hug, it felt like no time had gone by.

“The band dynamic is an interesting one – Joey and I spent so many years of our lives together, we grew up together, we know each other so well, so it was like no time was lost.”

And the reunion won’t be short-lived – after the summer shows, Belladonna and the band will hit the studio to record a new album together.

The get together brings John Bush’s era as Anthrax frontman to an end. He joined the band when Belladonna quit and was the band’s vocalist until 2005. He also joined Anthrax for some recent live shows.

Ian says, “He (Bush) knew we wanted to move forward at full speed, that we needed a total commitment to Anthrax, and he knew that wasn’t what he wanted. We certainly wish John well. We’ve had so many great times with him, and we appreciate his stepping in last summer at the last minute, and performing with us since then. He will always be an integral part of the Anthrax.”

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