John Bush reminisces on how everything was uncertain when Armored Saint first started out

John Bush reminisces on how everything was uncertain when Armored Saint first started out

Armored Saint frontman John Bush was recently interviewed for the UK based classic heavy metal magazine Fistful of Metal’s inaugural edition.

The following is an excerpt from the article / interview:

“When we were starting, everything was uncertain. We had no idea what  was to be expected. Then a few years passed and, with the way labels and the music business works, it can be pretty harsh for you, disheartening at times. It can mess with your ego and your hope, and that brings you back down to earth, quickly. Unless you have the superstardom that catapults you.”

There’s no note of regret in his voice as he says this. It’s worth bearing in mind that Armored Saint is a product of the Los Angeles metal and rock scene(s) of the ‘80s. Many of their peers went on to enjoy unfathomable fame and riches. And while that level of international ‘success’ – if we use hard cash and units shifted as a measure – didn’t come to Armored Saint, the band remained resolute and has, as a result, endured.

“I was just recently watching the documentary that came out about The Go-Gos. They had this amazing fame, but they were too young and it was too fast and then the other side happened. In any case, when you’re in your twenties you feel indestructible and you think that you’re going to be the most successful and famous person in the world. And most of the time that doesn’t happen.”

You can check out more about the Fistful of Metal UK magazine via its website, which states in part (with slight edits):

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