John Bush reveals looking at 2022 for release of Armored Saint documentary

John Bush reveals looking at 2022 for release of Armored Saint documentary

Armored Saint and former Anthrax frontman John Bush was recently interviewed by Eamon O’Neill for UK’s eonmusic. Bush was promoting Armored Saint‘s new live album Symbol of Salvation Live, which was just released on October 22, 2021.

In terms of Armored Saint‘s upcoming documentary Armored Saint – A Band of Brothers, Bush indicated: “Well, Russell [Cherrington, producer / director] has been bugging us to try to write a song for the final credits, and we were working on something recently, so I just don’t know if it’s going to happen in time. He’s trying to get it into a couple of film festivals and let that lead it to distribution, which is great. I know he’s trying to get it into the L.A. film festival, which I think is a pretty tall order! If he makes that happen, that would be quite an achievement, but it’s cool that he has these lofty goals. We’ll see what happens. He’s put so much energy into this, and he got some great interviews with some pretty important people though the years with Armored Saint. The Saint story is a good story. The Saint story is a heart-warming story, and it’s a funny story, and it’s something I think people will be entertained by, so hopefully it’ll happen.”

In regard to a potential release date, Bush opined: “I think we’re looking at 2022, and I think we can make some of this happen with next year. Russell is a really talented film maker, and he’s a creative guy, and like I said, he really has some high ambitions to do something with this for Saint, and I believe it’ll happen.”

You can read the rest of the interview with John Bush at eonmusic‘s website.

Armored Saint‘s “Spineless” video (from Symbol of Salvation Live album):