John Corabi reveals The Dead Daisies didn’t want to wait for Glenn Hughes while the latter did other things

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

John Corabi reveals The Dead Daisies didn’t want to wait for Glenn Hughes while the latter did other things

The Dead Daisies‘ new (and returning) frontman John Corabi was recently interviewed by Andrew Daly for Metal Edge Mag. Back in August 2018, The Dead Daisies confirmed that Glenn Hughes (on lead vocals and bass) would be replacing Corabi and bassist Marco Mendoza. The Dead Daisies went on to release two studio albums — Holy Ground (2021) and Radiance (2022) — with Hughes fronting the band. In early 2023, Hughes announced that he was returning to his solo career and planning 2023/24 for solo touring. In mid-May 2023, The Dead Daisies announced that Corabi was returning to the band along with bassist Michael Devin (ex-Whitesnake).

In terms of what brought him back to The Dead Daisies, Corabi indicated: “Honestly, dude, the fact that we had some time away from each other probably did a world of good. And I was telling Doug [Aldrich] exactly that at rehearsals the other day. I left the band and did some solo stuff, we had Covid, and they got Glenn Hughes. And I think that time away taught us to appreciate all the great things I loved about the Dead Daisies.

But the other side of that is I think the other guys in the band figured out that while it’s good to stay busy, pacing yourself is important, too. It’s kinda like when you’re fucking married, and you get tired of your wife. [laughs] You go, “Oh, God, my wife is such a bitch; I gotta get out.” And then you start dealing with some other chick, live with her for a minute, and you’re like, “Nah… I kinda did like my wife after all.””

On whether he and The Dead Daisies are better together than apart, Corabi noted: “Don’t get me wrong — I love the stuff they did with Glenn. And they had a good thing going, but Glenn forced their hand a bit when he decided to do some stuff supporting the 50th anniversary of Deep Purple‘s Burn album. And then he talked to Joe Bonamassa, and they’re gonna do some stuff, too. So, Glenn decided he was ready to do other things, which led to them calling me. I guess the Dead Daisies could have taken a couple of years off and waited for Glenn, but they didn’t wanna do that. So, they called me and said, “Hey, dude, would you wanna come back and do some shit?” And we worked it out to where we’re going to stay busy but not excruciatingly hectic. We want to work. We want to be busy, but not to the point where the whole band gets burnt out again.”

You can read the rest of the interview with John Corabi via Metal Edge Mag‘s website.