John Corabi To Appear On New Babyjane Album

John Corabi To Appear On New Babyjane Album

June 10, 2012

Australian rockers Babyjane are hard at work on the follow-up to their debut album ‘Are You Listening’, and have recruited former Scream and Motely Crue frontman John Corabi to make a guest appearance. Babyjane are working with Michael Wagener on the new album, and hope to release it in September or October of this year via Sunset Records.

When asked how John Corabi became involved in the upcoming album, Babyjane drummer Nik Kats told, “Once we hit the studio in May 2012 to record with Michael Wagener he gave us Corabi’s details because he knew how much of a fan we are of him and that Motley Crue record he made. So I basically contacted him and had a chat on the phone and we started talking about bands and the Crue and then asked him to come on down to say hi to Michael, have a listen to our album, and grab some lunch. Being the awesome guy that he is he just said, “yes, sounds cool, I’ll see ya soon.” So he rocks up, comes in and has a listen and then we just asked if he’d like to sing on a song. So he goes in to the vocal booth and just starts screaming his ass off and I can tell you that his voice has gotten better with time. We’re all standing in the control room with these big smiles on our faces not believing what was going on, but he was just one cool mother fuker!”

Babyjane’s ‘Are You Listening’ album was orginally released on March 26, 2011 on 100% Rock Records. Sunset Records then picked up the album and released it all over the world on January 24th, 2012.

The songs on ‘Are You Listening’ are edgy with aggressive lyrics and accessible hooks that make up a solid full-length CD. The band has great talent musically and production wise, and has a high powered rocking vocalist, Andy Smith. The songwriting — Paul Judge, Nik Katz and Andy Smith all write the songs accordingly on this CD — and melodic approach to hard rock music, is steady all the way through the entire album. The hit potential on songs like the first single being worked to radio by Sunset Records, “Four Rusted Egos”, is very current by today’s standards in music, and the playing by everyone in the band, is at a high level on every song on this debt album.

The band is no doubt a full blown metal and hard rock band with a guitarist (John Gerasolo) that helps the band soar through every song. The constant drum (Nik ‘Animal’ Kats) sound is also evident in every song on the 11 song CD which elevates the booming bass (Paul Judge) work on these songs. After hearing every song produced on this debut album by Babyjane, they deliver a high energy CD filled with high octane songs that make you want to rock the house. The aggressive attitude is led by a powerful vocal music artist, Andy Smith. The band seems to focus on life while growing up in their Australian town of Perth. Their songs are exceptional hard rock songs with lyrics that are very poignant to life and the compositions of the songs are at the highest level.

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