Johnny Crash/Tokyo Blade Vocalist Debuts TV Pilot


October 11, 2007

Vick Wright, frontman for such great rock bands as Tokyo Blade and Johnny Crash, has premiered his pilot for the TV show “The Village Idiot Show” at

THE VILLAGE IDIOT SHOW is a glimpse into the lives of two lovable old imbeciles, Sherman (John Foreman) and Tank (Vick Wright) who squabble incessantly over the TV remote, in order to control which TV shows they watch. Their favorites include Magnum Horse & Spoongagger, two cops who fight crime in a most original, yet vulgar way. and Clive the Billionaire…a reality show about an irreverent ex-punk rock star and his 7 foot butler, Schlangcock.

Cutting edge and daring comedy, cut from the same cloth as Monty Python, Benny Hill and the Ali-G Show…The Village Idiot Show is fast paced, a laugh a second!!! It’s, “don’t laugh too long or else you’ll miss the next laugh comedy!”

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