Jonesy feat. Ramona Tornado release video for “(I Just Wanna) Sit On Your Face”

Jonesy feat. Ramona Tornado release video for “(I Just Wanna) Sit On Your Face”

Montreal, Quebec, Canada based Jonesy have released a video for their song “(I Just Wanna) Sit On Your Face” featuring Ramona Tornado on vocals.

Dead Beat Records describe Jonesy as follows: “Jonesy are a killer new band from Canada formed out of their mutual love for the Ramones, first wave Punk and other energizing non-musical distractions like girls, parties and fun. With the libido of the Dwarves and the guitar power of the Dead Boys, Jonesy know how to play real deal Rock n’ Roll with hooks. Their debut album offers a twisted, comical take on band life and relationships accentuated by their hilariously funny lyrics that border on Mad Magazine-esque depths of lyrical absurdity. And their primo Punk infected Rock ‘n Roll just oozes with all the right influences. You name it, they got it: The Heartbreakers, The Dictators, Dead Boys, New York Dolls, the Ramones and more. It’s all here in ten bristling tracks fired off with a barrage of chunky guitar solos, simple catchy melodies and irresistibly insane lyrics that you can’t help but sing along to. They close the album by doing sleazy, sonic justice to the electrifying Crandford Nix classic ‘I’m In Love With Joan Jett’.”

Jonesy‘s “(I Just Wanna) Sit On Your Face” video featuring Ramona Tornado:

JONESY feat. Ramona Tornado – (I Just Wanna) Sit On Your Face

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