Josh Todd states that Buckcherry and Josh Todd & The Conflict are both his priority

Josh Todd states that Buckcherry and Josh Todd & The Conflict are both his priority

Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd was recently interviewed by XS Rock editor Bobby Caughron and the singer spoke about his new band Josh Todd & The Conflict that is about to release its debut album Year Of The Tiger.

Todd was asked whether Buckcherry was still his top priority when it comes to band to which he replied: “Both of these bands are my priority. Rock has gotten to a place where you can’t just do one thing and tour, tour and tour. It just doesn’t happen anymore. Your average concert goer goes to just two shows a year. I’ve been doing this for twenty years now. This what I do. I have a family now and I want to work. When you don’t get a return on your record anymore…That’s where it’s got to with rock records. There are very few artists that are getting returns on their records now in rock music. So when that whole part of your income is cut out, you only have tours and merchandise.

So, when you go out and tour too much, they say “You’re over-touring, you’ve got to go home”. And then, it’s like okay, so now what do I do. Go home and sit around? Go get a day job? What do I do? I’m an artist. I want to make music. I want to be able to do this, tour with Josh Todd and The Conflict, come back and make a Buckcherry record and go tour on it. That’s the plan. Right now, Buckcherry is in the best spot it’s been in three years. We’ve got a great line-up now. I just came back from doing two shows and I’m getting ready to go back and two more shows in Canada. I’m doing a Conflict show with Bush coming up. Another Conflict show with Frankie Perez in Vegas and then we’re starting up a full tour in the fall. With Conflict, I want to build it worldwide, so it’s going to take some time to get there.”

In terms of the strangest request that he received from a fan, Todd advised: “I’ve pretty much signed every body part. But I think the strangest request was somewhere in Europe. I’m at the merch table doing a meet and greet and there was all these young dudes, in there twenties probably… that were so fucking hammered. They were crazy Buckcherry fans. And one of them says, I want you to sign my mate’s dick! So, I said alright, have him pull it out. I’m not touching it, but I’ll sign it with a sharpie. He’s gotta like stretch it out so I can sign it. Ha ha ha. So, yeah I signed his dick. I’ve signed lots of tits and asses and all of that kind of stuff.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Josh Todd at XS Rock.

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