Judas Priest release video for “No Surrender” featuring guitarist Glenn Tipton

Judas Priest release video for “No Surrender” featuring guitarist Glenn Tipton

Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton may be unable to tour with the band anymore but he is still very much part of the band as the heavy metal veterans have released a video for their song “No Surrender” which features the band including guitarist Glenn Tipton and minus touring guitarist / producer Andy Sneap.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Judas Priest‘s latest studio album Firepower:

Firepower brings me back to a combination of pre-Turbo and Painkiller era Priest. There’s some heavy stuff to behold, and it still delivers the amazing guitar and vocal lines you’ve grown accustomed to.  On this album, compared to classic Priest, there is an obvious lack of dueling Glenn and K.K. guitar lines, but that’s ok, since K.K. left so long ago. But if you’re new to Priest, you won’t care. If you’re a retro fan, then appreciate what it’s become. I still wonder about the impact Scott Travis had on the band back in 1990 after the departure of drummer Dave Holland.  Consider Ram It Down vs Painkiller.

There is no denying that the first track “Firepower” is full on metal. The verses may be a bit limited, but the chorus and solo are wild. Certainly, “Lightning Strike” brings me back to the 1990 era Painkiller. And yet, “Evil Never Dies” is very much an early ’80s metal sound, like Twisted Sister, despite the double bass drum in the chorus. It’s all about the production from here on in.  Wow, does “Never The Heroes” sound like Accept or maybe Saxon.

I can go on about “Necromancer”, “Children Of The Sun” or the rest of the album. What stands out for me is “Flame Thrower” with its killer guitars, strong vocals, and inventive bridge/chorus mix. Somewhere, it has to be said that Rob Halford‘s vocal range is still spectacular, although he has now become more selective about when he uses his high notes. At age 67, good for him!”

Judas Priest‘s “No Surrender” video:

Judas Priest – No Surrender (Official Video)

Judas Priest – ‘No Surrender” (Official Video)Taken from “Firepower”: http://smarturl.it/Firepower?iqid=YT ———————————–FOLLOW Judas P…