Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast Launch “Bad Boys Never Dance” Video

Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast Launch “Bad Boys Never Dance” Video

November 19, 2013

In support of their new album ‘Kick Down The Barricades’, which will hit the shelves on January 24th, German hair metal band Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast have just released their new music video “Bad Boys Never Dance”. The band are currently giving the song away asa free download to anyone that signs up for their newsletter at www.beautifulbeastrock.com.

Besides featuring the opening track from the new record the video also presents a pretty cliched, stereotyped, and most of all predictable storyline that any fan of ’80s hard rock and hair metal will love.

Beautiful Beast is a hair metal project initiated by singer and guitarist Julian Angel. Angel, who had already recorded two solo albums (‘angel-rock.com’ in 2001 and ‘Choreography Sucks’ in 2007) started Beautiful Beast in 2010 along with fellow musicians Frank McDouglas (bass, keys, backing vocals) and Roland ‘Ro Lee’ Jahoda (drums).

2011 saw the release of ‘Adult Oriented Candy’, a critically acclaimed musical (and optical) step back to the year 1989. Due to its huge success, Julian Angel started working on a new album immediately, but this time he went solo again: “I’m both a control freak and an enthusiast. I can’t just record my guitars and vocals and then leave it. I can’t stop. I feel the urge to lay down the bass lines, backing vocals and keyboards too; it’s like a kid sitting in front of a bowl of candy”.

15 months later, in August 2012 ‘California Suntan’, was released after a huge for-fans-only pre sale and recouped all production and manufacturing expenses after only one week — and without any media coverage. The Beast’s second album emphasizes the party rock elements while still being backed by virtuous musicianship. In a review of the album Sleaze Roxx said, “Not only is Julian Angel a true talent both as a guitarist and lyricist, but Julian is a true keeper of the genre’s flame and a huge fan and supporter of the genre as well.”

Even in the face of great adversity Julian Angel and Beautiful Beast continue to deliver what their fans love so much.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com