June 66 drop video for new single “Love, Love, Love”

June 66 drop video for new single “Love, Love, Love”

Polish rockers June 66 featuring frontman Antek, guitarist Olaf, bassist Sofia and drummer Szymon have unveiled a video for their new single “Love, Love, Love.” The group released a three song EP titled Boy’s Bedroom back in 2022.

The following message was posted in part on June 66‘s Facebook page back on June 9, 2023:

“Only 7 days left until release of “Love, Love, Love”💘. We started working on this piece almost half a year ago. We are super excited that something we’ve been working on for so long is about to come out! And this is what the cover for our banger will look like!⚡️

June 66‘s Soundcloud page indicates:

June 66 is a band formed in 2021 with one goal in mind – to show our definition of true, wild rock n roll. From the very beginning, our focus has been on having a good time, which is why our tracks are full of positive, endorphin-fueled energy. Our music is based on a strong hair metal sound straight from the Sunset Strip of the 80s, where the weekend lasted 7 days a week. However, while being inspired, we don’t forget that we want to show our true selves and prove that Rock N Roll ain’t dead.”

June 66‘s “Love, Love, Love” video: