Jungle Blue Sing With Suncity Records


September 16, 2008

It gives Suncity Records the utmost pleasure to announce that we have inked a deal with Tulsa, Oklahoma’s finest Hard Rock group – Jungle Blue.

Jungle Blue Sing With Suncity Records

After on and off talks over the last two years, things have now finally materialized, and trust me when I say that it was totally worth the persistence. Personally, I LOVE these guys! Their sound is a little different to most of the other Suncity artists, which can also make their sound a little tricky to describe.

Jungle Blue’s sound could be best described as Melodic Hard Rock with a tinge of pop for good measure. What strikes me most about the music is the killer song writing and musicianship. The chemistry between signer “Matt Harris” & guitarist “Pete Banfield” is really highlighted through the whole album. All 12 tunes showcased on the aptly titled album, “Call Of The Wild” are truly timeless and grow on you with every spin. On countless plays of the album, the tunes never seem to get old which I suppose is a true mark of a great album.

Matt Harris moved to L.A. in the early 90’s to try and find some good talent and put together a band. After doing studio work with the likes of Neil Young and The Monkees, Harris decided that he wanted to head back home to Oklahoma. Once back in Oklahoma, Matt hooked up with an old buddy of his in Pete Banfield, where they just hit it off. Matt claimed that after working 5 years in L.A. he realized that the best musicians he’d ever played with were in his own backyard.

Jungle Blue started playing shows in their local town of Tulsa as a five piece but soon after dropped the keyboard player as they were looking for more edge to their sound. Matt Harris (Vocalist), Pete Banfield (Guitarist), Ray Hines (Bassist) and drummer Mike Wilson spent their early days conducting music lessons by day and living for the nights were they’d get together and jam until the morning light. Pete Banfield was known around town for his prowess on the guitar and he really lights it up with his remarkable fretwork on the upcoming Jungle Album album. To me Matt Harris’s vocals reminded me very much technically of the great Mark Slaughter, with an amazing range as well as his great versatility. With Pete’s smart melodic genius and Matt Harris’s infectious vocal work, Jungle Blue really have put together a bunch of classy tunes which everyone at Suncity Records are proud and excited to present to you.

Good news in that the guys are back in action and in the middle of recording another batch of catchy grooves with the expectation of another release in early 2009.

Sound Sample: Jungle Blue – Hey Baby, Baby

Just one listen to these tunes and you will be singing along for days. When trying to draw a comparison to Jungle Blue’s sound, maybe you can make up your own mind because I just can’t put my finger on it. The only band that really comes to mind are the obscure U.S. based group – Blackfish, but I’m not sure how many people would have heard of Blackfish. I really wanted to feature the epic “You & I” as the download, which is very similar to the Gunners classic “November Rain” in terms of song structure, but thought the following track better represented the whole feel of the band. Click on this link to hear the rockin’ first single off “Call Of The Wild” entitled “Hey Baby, Baby”.

Courtesy of www.suncityrecords.com