Junkyard Drive release video for track “Way Too Long”

Junkyard Drive release video for track “Way Too Long”

Danish sleaze rockers Junkyard Drive have released a video for their song “Way Too Long” from their upcoming new studio album Black Coffee, which will be released via Mighty Music on September 1, 2018. The group previously released a video for the song “Sweet Little Dreamer.”

Track List for Black Coffee:
01. Time Is Over
02. Sweet Little Dreamer
03. Sucker For Your Love
04. Make Up Your Mind
05. Backseat Baby
06. Way To Long
07. Through The Door
08. Same Old Story
09. Wasted Nights
10. Where I Belong!
11. See You Next Time

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Junkyard Drive‘s previous album Sin & Tonic: “The fact that I get served with Junkyard Drive is an extended Christmas present. This album is fantastic from start to finish. It is not so much a throwback to ’80s sleaze as it is a reflection of some of the bands doing great work in the early twenty-teens…. Think Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar, or King Lizard.  Ya, I think this album is on par with Split Your Lip or A Nightmare Livin the Dream.”

Junkyard Drive‘s “Way Too Long” video:

Junkyard Drive – Way Too Long (Official Music Video)

Junkyard Drive – “Way Too Long” will be released on the 24th of August on all digital channels. The single is taken from the album “Black Coffee” out 1st of …