Junkyard Guitarist Set To Release ‘Welcome To Gatesville’

Junkyard Guitarist Set To Release ‘Welcome To Gatesville’

August 4, 2010

Junkyard Guitarist Set To Release 'Welcome To Gatesville'The new Chris Gates & Gatesville CD, ‘Welcome To Gatesville’, will be released to stores and online on September 16th, but the Junkyard guitarist has decided to make the CD available to you now through his website www.chris-gates.com.

You can download the CD for $9.99, or order a copy by mail for $12.99, and in addition to the CD you will recieve a special code to download 4 bonus tracks. Click HERE to order yours now and listen to sound samples!

The CD contains 12 tracks and was produced by Junkyard guitarist Chris Gates. In addition to the CD, you will receive 3 live tracks and an unreleased demo of “Does My Ring Burn Your Finger” by Julie Miller.

‘Welcome To Gatesville’ track listing:
1. Those Were The Days
2. I’m Not Your Man
3. The Devil’s On My Trail
4. Forever Came Today
5. Low Down & Dirty
6. Broken Hearts & Faded Pictures
7. Loving You
8. Searching For You
9. Being The Man of My Dreams
10. Southern Man
11. Come See About Me
12. Simple Man

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.chris-gates.com