Junkyard singer David Roach to do guest vocals on American Bombshell’s next album

Junkyard singer David Roach to do guest vocals on American Bombshell’s next album

Junkyard frontman David Roach will be doing some guest vocals on American Bombshell‘s sophomore studio album, which will follow up the group’s debut album No Regrets.

The following message was posted on American Bombshell‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“We’re excited to announce we’ve brought in none other than Mr. David Roach from Junkyard to cut some guest vocals for our upcoming album! Wait till you hear it…get ready for some kick ass rock and roll! #noregrets #hungupandhungover #junkyard #americanbombshell #crooninandswoonin”

American Bombshell‘s No Regrets album landed the #6 spot on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016 for which Sleaze Roxx stated: “There’s nothing pretty about American Bombshell‘s debut album No Regrets. It is simply an in your face, dirty, sleazy, rocking album. Again, I was aware of the group’s video for the song “No Regrets” yet that did not resonate that much with me. Luckily, American Bombshell sent a physical copy of their album to the Sleaze Roxx headquarters and despite the odd album cover, all I could say was “Wow”! What a great album. American Bombshell kept the pedal to the metal in a relentless fashion on No Regrets. In a way, American Bombshell‘s debut album reminds me of the now defunct 21st Century Goliath‘s debut album Radio Destroyer, which came out in 2012 and was also full of piss and vinegar while throwing caution to the wind. Out of the albums on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016, the one that I think will be the most difficult to follow up will be American Bombshell‘s No Regrets because I suspect that the natural inclination may be to slow things down a bit for the sophomore album just like 21st Century Goliath unfortunately did as well. In any case, only time will tell.”

American Bombshell‘s “No Regrets” video:

“No Regrets” – American Bombshell (Official Video)

Official video for the song ‘No Regrets” from American Bombshell’s 2016 release No Regrets.Subscribe to American Bombshell’s channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe…