Junkyard to release new studio album via Acetate Records on April 29th

Junkyard to release new studio album via Acetate Records on April 29th

Junkyard have announced that they will be releasing their new yet to be titled studio album via Acetate Records on April 29th and the album will be up for sale at this year’s M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland, USA where Junkyard are scheduled to play on April 29th.

In an interview with Music Connection published on February 15th, some of the Junkyard members spoke about the new upcoming album.

Guitarist Tim Mosher stated, “We don’t really know what we’re expected to sell or how we sell… The requirements are for us to do a certain amount of shows within the year cycle of the record. 2017 will be more shows than we’ve done in the previous eight or 10 years, probably. We’re going to be out there playing and promoting it.”

Singer David Roach commented, “Our style hasn’t changed at all… It’s still pretty adolescent, three-chord, in-your-face, riff-oriented rock. We’ve got the same influences that we had––rock & roll with country, and punk attitude. The new album is not a departure.”

You can read the rest of the interview / article at Music Connection.

Back in April 2016, Sleaze Roxx interviewed the Junkyard members where Roach stated: “There is hope and there is reality. We hope to have a full record recorded and mixed by mid-summer. Reality is it might take a little longer, but I believe the way we work, we can jump in a studio and make the best Junkyard record yet. Everything falls together, not over thinking it, no stress from the big label sweating us… Just do it yourself rock just like the way we all grew up.”