K.K. Downing shocked not asked to return as Judas Priest guitarist as legally still in band

K.K. Downing shocked not asked to return as Judas Priest guitarist as legally still in band

With Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton forced to step aside and forego the band’s latest upcoming tour due to issues with Parkinson’s Disease, his former bandmate and co-guitarist K.K. Downing has expressed shock that he wasn’t asked to come back into the band to replace Tipton. Judas Priest have elected to continue with their upcoming tour with producer Andy Sneap handling the guitar duties instead of Tipton.

The following message was posted on K.K. Downing’s Steel Mill‘s Facebook page earlier today:

K.K.’s statement about Glenn’s retirement:

The news that Glenn has finally been forced to come to terms with his unfortunate condition long term came with deep regret and sadness for me. Equally, this ending of our guitar duo era is also something that I have to come to terms with. The insatiable appetite that myself and Glenn had for creating inspired and unique music for the world to enjoy for many decades, is something that can never be erased. However, everyone who has witnessed the evolution of our beloved music must come to terms with the fact that things will inevitably change, or just simply end.

I have to state with great sadness also that I am shocked and stunned that I wasn’t approached to step into my original role as guitarist for Judas Priest. Whether I could have stepped back into the band or not, the potential for this situation arising never entered my head when I departed – although I too am officially and legally still a member of Judas Priest.

However, I know now more clearly than ever that I did the right thing by leaving the band when I did – as it seems that my time spent in the band, and my value in terms of crafting its huge legacy, was and is unappreciated by more than one member. I sincerely hope, for the fans’ sake, that the decision not to approach me was not a financial one.

I know Andy Sneap – and he is one of the greatest contributors to rock and metal that you will ever have the privilege to meet. To that end I have no doubt that his contribution to the new Judas Priest album was much more than just as a producer. All that’s left is for you the fans to go out and enjoy the band as it is, in order to complete a part of music history in which every one of you has played such an important role.

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