KAATO release video for song “Communication”

KAATO release video for song “Communication”

KAATO consisting of lead vocalist Kurt Lowney, bassist Mika Nuutinen, lead guitarist Hunter Lovan, drummer Christopher Williams and guitarist Jeremy Asbrock have released a video for their track “Communication” from their sophomore studio album Slam!, which was released back in late March 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Slam!: “KAATO are ostensibly an Australian band currently located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The two principle members, Kurt Lowneyand Mika Nuutinan, met during a stint at the Australian Institute of Music, and formed a personal connection and musical bond. Back in 2016, I discovered KAATO due to a random pop up of “High Time” on YouTube and was fascinated. I ended up having a long talk with Kurt and did a review of their first release. With production and guitar lines from Mitch Malloy, it was quite impressive for such a young band….

Lots has changed since their first album. The band has added Hunter Lovan on lead guitar and Christopher Williams on drums, as well as Michael Webb on keys. Slam! sounds like a more innovative and thoughtfully written album than the band’s debut, not that I’m slighting the previous offering at all.”

KAATO‘s “Communication” video:

KAATO – Communication

KAATO’s new album ‘Slam’ out everywhere now: http://bit.ly/SlamKAATODirector: Grant Claire – https://www.goodnicethanks.com/Production Team: Gear Seven – htt…