Kamikaze Choir release debut EP ‘Crash Burn Repeat’

Kamikaze Choir release debut EP ‘Crash Burn Repeat’

American rockers Kamikaze Choir consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Scott Bittner, guitarist Rich Daly, bassist Thomas Coleman and drummer Steve Stavros released their debut EP Crash Burn Repeat via Hardline Records last month.

Track List for Crash Burn Repeat:
01. On With The Show
02. Kill City Kills
03. Gas Grass Or Ass
04. Lookout

The group describes itself as follows on its Facebook page: “Big dreams, good times, bad decisions. Tall tales sung to big choruses, hot-wired guitars, loud n’ loose bass and drums. Kamikaze Choir incorporates Power Pop, Punk, Metal, & Glam amongst the many parts they’ve scavenged from the wrecks of the past.”

Kamikaze Choir‘s “On With The Show” video:

On with the Show – Kamikaze Choir

From the debut EP Crash Burn Repeat by Kamikaze Choir available Jan 2020Hear it- buy it at http://kamikazechoir.hearnow.comVideo by Michael VeeChannel Vee Me…