Kamikaze Kings Get Ready To Release ‘The Law’

Kamikaze Kings Get Ready To Release ‘The Law’

April 22, 2012

Limited Access Records are proud to sign Berlin based heavy rockers Kamikaze Kings for a worldwide deal of several albums, which also includes a cooperation with Limited Access Publishing/BMG Rights Management.

For months the underground has been rumbling about a very special thing that grows in the windy alleys of Berlin. For some, Kamikaze Kings are the German answer to Steel Panther, others think of them as a mangy mix of Peter Pan Speedrock and Motley Crue. Led by vocalist Elmo Kamikaze, a cross breed of The Rock and Rob Halford, Kamikaze Kings are one of the few bands that you will notice and never forget.

Regarding the signing of Kamikaze Kings, Limited Access Records says, “We are more than happy to have pulled off one of the best German heavy rock bands of the last years. Awesome bands with real balls, which give everything they’ve got and live the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle with all of its consequences, have become rare. Elmo and his mob are definetely ‘The Law’.”

Elmo Kamikaze responds, “I feel honored and am delighted to tell you that we, Kamikaze Kings, joined forces with Limited Access Records. They will support us on our way to the top! We look forward to working together. All of you will get what you want and even more… but you will get it as you serve it, the best rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza ever! ‘The Law’ coming soon…”

The debut album ‘The Law’ was produced by the heavy rock specialist Dirk Faehling (Motorhead, Skew Siskin, Jingo De Lunch) at the Audio Ego Studio in Berlin, and consists of 14 tracks which feature the whole spectrum of heavy rock ‘n’ roll. The first track from ‘The Law’, that will be released in the summer, is “Saturday Night Hero” which the band have released a video for. You may expect sweat-inducing rock ‘n’ roll, a straight wrestling adrenaline kick, and a bunch of entertainment… but check it out for yourself.

Visit the Kamikaze Kings at www.kamikazekings.de and leave a comment for the guys at www.facebook.com/KamikazeKings.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com