Kane Roberts releases lyric video for track “Wonderful”

Kane Roberts releases lyric video for track “Wonderful”

Former Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts has released a lyric video for his song “Wonderful” from his latest solo album A New Normal.

Roberts was interviewed by Sleaze Roxx back in January 2019 and spoke about the shock value of his new album’s cover.

Roberts stated: “That is exactly it Tyson. Everybody has said to me, “What do you mean? Why is the girl there?” It’s because when you stare at that, you would have said, “What the…?” Back then, it would have been, “What the hell is going on with this cover?” It’s this and that — Satan or whatever. It just shows that as time goes on, we learn from people that are knocking down walls and breaking down pre-conceived notions of what beauty is supposed to be. What females are supposed to do! For example Nita [Strauss] is kicking ass and shredding with these ball clanking solos. She’s a heavy guitar player. It’s no longer just the ‘guys’ enterprise. She’s now at the pinnacle of that. Alissa [White Gluz] — you go to see her band Arch Enemy and these huge guys are stomping, playing this massive music, this beautiful girl comes walking out and just owns it. Those are the people that are creating what I think is ‘The New Normal’. They’re the ones that are knocking down walls and breaking glass ceilings. I think what happens is, we can still preserve some of the old notions of the way things were supposed to be. We still have memories. Whether it’s Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen owning that specific area, but we now have this new stuff and we can move forward. So we end up having more. The old notions of what was right and wrong don’t disappear.”

Kane Roberts‘ “Wonderful” lyric video:

Kane Roberts – “Wonderful” (Lyric Video)

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