Kane Roberts releases video for “Beginning Of The End” feat. Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz

Kane Roberts releases video for “Beginning Of The End” feat. Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz

Former Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts hooked up with the original shock rocker along with Arch Enemy frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz to come up with a video for the song “Beginning Of The End” from his new solo album The New Normal, which was recently released via Frontiers Music Srl.

Roberts was recently interviewed by Sleaze Roxx and spoke about how the song “Beginning Of The End” and the video for it came together as he advised: “I recorded the song. I put down a demo vocal. I was thinking, “Why am I hearing Alice’s voice? Only Alice could deliver these lines” It needed something with a standout culture to really push that stuff through. Granted, I could do it, but just think if it was a movie. What character would you want to see delivering those lines? It was just Alice. I remember sitting there with three or four people in the studio.

I said, “I want to ask Alice to do this!” One of them said, “Geez, can you get him?” I said, “Well that depends if he’s busy! Let’s take a shot!” I called him up and he picked up the phone. He says, “Hey!” I then said, “I’m recording and I have a song. Is there any way you could sing on the record?” “Oh I’m in town. I’ll be right over!” So he actually came over the same night. He just killed the song. We had a really great time. We had some time there to get it right. He really sang amazingly well. I didn’t want to have him sing one line. I wanted him to do a duet with me.

Then the next thing, I thought was we’re going to do something unexpected. Something that really worked with what the song was about. I said, “I’d love to get Alissa White-Gluz to drop into the middle of the song and blow the thing apart! That would just be incredible!” So I was able to reach out to her. She wanted to hear the song. As soon as she heard it, she said, “I’m in! Send me the track!” She just performed incredibly well with it. Then she told me, “If you shoot a video for this, I’ll fly anywhere to be with you and Alice to do this.” I think normally she’ll do “green-screen”. It seemed like an impossibility but I was actually able to pull off a day where Alice Cooper, myself and Alissa were on the same set shooting a video. You can imagine the logistics. Just so you know, Alissa flew from Europe to Montreal, stayed at the airport, then another six hours to Vancouver to be in the video.”

Kane Roberts‘ “Beginning Of The End” video: