Kelly Garni opines Randy Rhoads clearly unhappy while in Ozzy’s band based on letters to Kevin DuBrow

Kelly Garni opines Randy Rhoads clearly unhappy while in Ozzy’s band based on letters to Kevin DuBrow

Former Quiet Riot co-founder and bassist Kelly Garni was interviewed by Jimmy Kay of Canada’s The Metal Voice and the second part of the interview was just recently released. Garni has written a book titled Angels in Dirty Faces, which talks about his time in Quiet Riot and now deceased guitarist Randy Rhoads‘ time in Ozzy Osbourne‘s solo band back in the early ’80s.

In terms of Randy Rhoads‘ letters to Kevin DuBrow during the former’s time with Ozzy Osbourne, Garni opined (with slight edits): “Kevin did have a tendency to write letters to Randy and Kevin showed me the letters Randy sent to him and Randy was clearly clearly unhappy in Ozzy. When Randy did come to Las Vegas during the Blizzard of Oz tour and we spent time together, Randy was very clear about how unhappy he was in that band. Kevin DuBrow said the most interesting thing to me later on in life that I could never ever believe. He said, you know what after you left Quiet Riot, Randy just wasn’t the same anymore and he wasn’t into the band Quiet Riot anymore like he was, he felt alone and Kevin said I think that is why he left to join Ozzy.”

With respect to whether Rhoads appreciated the position that he held being in Ozzy‘s solo band, Garni advised: “Randy was given free reign in Ozzy and was really appreciative of Ozzy giving him the opportunity. Randy felt pretty lucky to be playing and writing with band. I know he was particular close with Bob Daisley. Also, Bob deserves a lot of credit for helping Randy getting out of his shell that Randy was put in the Quiet Riot days by the people who managed us.”

You can read the rest of the transcribed portions of part 2 of the interview with Kelly Garni at The Metal Voice‘s website and listen to the interview below.

Randy Rhoads Gun Shooting incident- Interview Ex-Quiet Riot Kelly Garni- Part 2

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