Kelly Nickels shares that he has always regretted smashing his bass guitar in L.A. Guns’ “Sex Action” video

Kelly Nickels shares that he has always regretted smashing his bass guitar in L.A. Guns’ “Sex Action” video

L.A. Guns (feat. Steve Riley and Kelly Nickels) bassist Kelly Nickels has posted a fun tidbit about a bass guitar that he smashed during L.A. Guns‘ filming of the “Sex Action” video more than 30 years ago.

The following message was posted on Nickels‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“Never seen this picture but that’s the bass I smashed in the Sex Action Video and I’ve regretted it ever since… and oh too be that young again…!!! ?? Hamer Guitars Kelly Nickels

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of L.A. Guns‘ debut self-titled album which contains the track “Sex Action”:

“As I look at this album 30 years later, I can’t help but think of how solid it really is. At the time, it was pretty much the standard for what was coming out. It did have a Guns N’ Roses feel to it, but was not a direct copy. There were moments where you could say, “Yeah, I can make the comparison” but overall it stands on its own. I do wonder about some things in terms of this album though. Phil Lewis is the first that comes to mind. Was ousting Paul Black and getting Phil Lewis a tactic by the record company to sell more albums? My understanding is that Paul Black had a substance issue that led to his demise, but is that really the true story?

What about Steve Riley? Was this yet another attempt to put another established name in the fold to generate success? With all the turmoil that has surrounded this band over the years with the constant member changes, it really leads me to believe that possibly L.A. Guns at the time was a band put together to coincide with the success of Guns N’ Roses. Although the band did exist on the L.A. Strip, it just wasn’t totally in the incarnation that appears on the album. Many others did the leg work, but the members who followed would generate the success. Hey, this is all in theory and my opinion, but looking at it in the big picture, I think someone, maybe Tracii Guns for instance needs to write a book to really give us, the fan the whole story. Inquiring minds want to know!!!”

L.A. Guns‘ “Sex Action” video:

L.A. Guns – Sex Action

Classic L.A. Guns! Here’s the official video for ‘Sex Action.’