Kenny Kweens Offers Samples Of Villains Of Vaudeville Debut

Kenny Kweens Offers Samples Of Villains Of Vaudeville Debut

January 24, 2013

Former Beautiful Creatures and L.A. Guns bassist Kenny Kweens has made samples from his new project Villains Of Vaudeville available online.

Who are the Villians Of Vaudeville? “They are the voices in my head,” says Kweens. The sound of Villians Of Vaudeville is a heavy dose of nasty guitar riffs, non stop pounding drum beats, dirty bass guitar, with a touch of industrial atmospheric synths, and of course the raspy vocals of Kweens. The album’s first single, “Devil’s Night”, was released on October 30th.

Kweens is best know for playing bass guitar with Bang Tango’s Joe LeSte in the hard rock band Beautiful Creatures, but on Villians Of Vaudeville he moves to center mic. Kweens has teamed up with producer Tracy Swider (Hate Times Nine) on the project. “Tracy is my partner in crime, my ace card and the biggest villian of all,” claims Kweens.

The Villians Of Vaudeville debut CD is a perfect mixture of rock, goth, metal and industrial music and is set to be released in early 2013.

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