Ken’s Dojo ‘Reincarnation’ Out On August 27th

Ken’s Dojo ‘Reincarnation’ Out On August 27th

June 25, 2010

Ken's Dojo 'Reincarnation' Out On August 27thKEN’S DOJO is a solo project from guitar player, songwriter and producer Ken Ingwersen. AOR Heaven will be releasing the new album ‘Reincarnation’ on August 27th.

Ken Ingwersen started playing classical guitar at the age of 10, but was soon spelled by the electric guitar and rock music, listening to acts like KISS, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and tons of other 70’s and 80’s rock bands. Spending his early teens playing in a few local bands in Oslo, Norway, the first real band making any fuzz was called LIMELIGHT. Releasing a single on Polydor, and doing a tour with TNT, Ken got hungry for doing more music. He was soon hired as a guitar player for Evenrude, a norwegian singer signed by the infamous Clive Davis at Arista Records in the US.

After being involved in RAGS, SPEED, STREET LEGAL and the KEN HENSLEY BAND, Ken Ingwersen now delivers a solid rock album, and get back to his “roots”. This is reflected in the title of the album; “Reincarnation”. Instead of just doing a guitar instrumental album, which is something he finds too boring, he wanted to have real songs on the album and great singers. It was time to collect some favours from his friends, and record some amazing songs with killer musicians and top notch production. The album includes names such as; Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple), Ken Hensley (ex-Uriah Heep), Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus), Nils K. Rue (Pagans Mind), Chesney Hawkes, Tommy La Verdi (ex-21 Guns), Eirikur Hauksson aka Eric Hawk (ex-Artch), Truls Haugen (Circus Maximus), Morty Black (ex-TNT), Ole Devold (Tritonus), Aslak Johnsen (Mindtech), Jon Rydningen (Dream Police) and more…..

The album is mastered by Bjorn Engelmann (Rammstein, Europe, Cher).

‘Reincarnation’ Tracklist:
01. Forever – MP3 sample
02. Keeping The Flame Alive (vocals Nils K. Rue of Pagan’s Mind)
03. I Surrender (vocals Glenn Hughes) – MP3 sample
04. Reincarnation (vocals Chesney Hawkes)
05. Momentos A Solas
06. Demon In Diamonds (vocals Tommy La Verdi of 21 Guns) – MP3 sample
07. Come Alive
08. El Recreo
09. Set This Angel Free
10. Rain
11. Playback Tape

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