Kickin Valentina and ex-singer Joe Edwardz want to bury hatchet, move on and some fans to do the same

Kickin Valentina and ex-singer Joe Edwardz want to bury hatchet, move on and some fans to do the same

Atlanta, Georgia, USA based rockers Kickin Valentina have posted a message to everyone trying to stir the pot between themselves and former lead vocalist Joe Edwardz who parted ways with the band back in July 2018 after bailing out of the group’s upcoming Bang Yer Head Festival gig within 24 hours of the band’s scheduled departure for Germany. Kickin Valentina are forging ahead with former Jetboy lead vocalist D.K. Revelle while Edwardz is part of a new band called MotoRage.

The following message was posted on Kickin Valentina‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Ok, this is absolutely ridiculous and childish that we even have to post something like this.

When Joe left the band, we were pretty pissed, and so was he at us. We all tried to keep things as professional as possible, but sometimes when you’re pissed, you say things you probably shouldn’t have. Some of that happened on both sides of this situation. What’s been said, has been said, and all we can do is move forward. With all of that said, some people keep wanting to tell us and him things to keep the drama going. Every couple of weeks or something new pops up, and some of the stuff simply isn’t true. We have all tried to move on, but there are certain people that want to keep stirring the pot by trying to cause drama between us and him like this is middle school.

Reality is, Joe is happy where he is, and so are we. We got a message from him a couple of weeks ago congratulating us on the German show….told him we appreciated it, and best of luck to his new band. Joe is a talented singer, and was a big part of our sound and writing for 5 years. Losing him was not something we wanted. We know Sean and Amy in his new band, and have no doubt they will sound great.

I see fans of various bands feel like they have to pick sides after a change. Makes no sense. His new band is called MotoRage. Go like their page. Go to a show and get their new music when it’s out. We all want to bury the hatchet and move on, and some of you need to do that too. We are RnR bands….we aren’t curing cancer….it’s not that deep to be behaving this way.”

Interestingly, both Kickin Valentina and Edwardz‘s new band MotoRage will be playing on the same night within less than 20 miles of each other on May 2, 2019. Kickin Valentina are scheduled to play the inaugural MB4 along with Every Mother’s Nightmare, Babylon Shakes and a few other bands that night at the Fish Head Cantina in Hanover, Maryland, USA while MotoRage along with Station, Wildstreet and four other groups will be playing at the 11th year edition of the M-Pre Party at Sonoma’s Bar & Grill in Columbia, Maryland, USA.

Kickin Valentina‘s “Get Ready” video (with Joe Edwardz on lead vocals):

Kickin Valentina – Get Ready (Official Music Video)

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