Kickin Valentina cancel European tour dates for August due to Covid related travel restrictions

Kickin Valentina cancel European tour dates for August due to Covid related travel restrictions

Kickin Valentina may well have released one of the best albums of 2021 with The Revenge of Rock but they will have to apparently wait until 2022 before being able to tour Europe in support of their latest record.

The following message was posted in part on Kickin Valentina‘s Facebook page on June 11, 2021:

“We hate to announce that we are once again canceling our European tour for this August. We tried every option we could to salvage some of the dates, but with different countries having different restrictions, it makes travel over there too difficult right now. The plan is to reschedule everything for May of 2022, and do an extended tour to make up all of the dates.

We are currently booking dates in the US, and hope to have some show announcements soon.

We miss seeing everyone, and can’t wait to get back on tour again.


In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in late February 2021, Kickin Valentina drummer Jimmy Berdine spoke about the group’s cancelled European tour dates at that time and the uncertainty surrounding future dates. Berdine indicated: “Yeah man [sighs]. We should be landing today, flying home from the UK, Denmark and Sweden. I think that we had nine shows booked starting last Thursday all the way through to Saturday a couple of days ago [February 20, 2021]. The UK was with the band Massive and then we were doing headline shows in Denmark and Sweden. We were going to play Sweden for the first time [sighs], in Helsingborg. And of course, that got cancelled. We have a 13 country, 18 or 19 date tour in May, that’s most likely — we’re 90% sure — that that’s not going to happen, especially with what [UK Prime Minister] Boris [Johnson] just announced in the UK. When it comes to shows and venues, being that ‘Call of The Wild’ is at the end of May [which has since been rescheduled to July 8 to 11, 2021], and then we were supposed to play Wildfest also in Belgium.

Nothing has been officially cancelled yet but those are the two festivals in May. Like I say, we were doing shows with Bloody Heels, BlackRain and Alia Tempora out of the Czech Republic. And it was going to be our first bus tour, backline, and all that kind of good stuff. So we’re kind of upset that that’s not going to happen in May so now we’re working on shows in August. You know, we have Rhon Rock [in Germany] and we have Hard Rock Hell Sleaze. We’re just trying to be proactive with dates. It’s just that until this thing is calmed down and things open up, I don’t know what to say about it because you know, you’re just throwing your hands into the air.”

Kickin Valentina‘s “Somebody New” video: