Kickin Valentina post rehearsal video with new singer Brian Bezotte

Kickin Valentina post rehearsal video with new singer Brian Bezotte

Atlanta, Georgia, USA sleaze rockers Kickin Valentina have posted a video today of the band rehearsing with new singer Brian Bezotte. The group is playing “On My Side” from their Super Atomic EP first released in 2015.

Kickin Valentina went live via Facebook earlier today answering questions from various fans. The entire group consisting of Bezotte, bassist Chris Taylor, guitarist Heber Pampillon and drummer Jimmy Bernie took part in the live Facebook feed but most of the questions were directed to the band’s new lead vocalist.

In terms of why Bezotte decided to join Kickin Valentina, the singer advised: “It’s just opportunities you know? So I took advantage of the situation and everything, all the cards played out pretty right and here we are. So I love rock n’ roll and just want to get myself out there rocking with some good guys.”

In regard to whether Kickin Valentina are working on a new album, Taylor chimed in: “Yes, we are. We are actually writing right now and tonight, we send him back home. And then, and then we finish writing some stuff and we’re going to demo it and send it to him. And then next time he comes down, we’re gonna start the process of writing it all together. And yes, we are working on a new album. We are writing. We’ve got a bunch of new ideas already together and I don’t want to say yet when we’re going to go in the studio or anything like that.”

Kickin Valentina‘s rehearsal video with new singer Brian Bezotte playing “On My Side”:

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